External  Intelligence Phenomenon -- Part II    
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From Reflections on the Worthiness of Human Creation
by K. T. Chang

What is External Intelligence Phenomenon? It is a straightforward statement of observable fact, it is not a theory. In every machinery or device made by man, EIP is so self-evident that it is not worth a mention. The designer supplies the intelligence to make a device to perform some useful function. The device itself, being made of lifeless material, does not think and has absolutely no idea what it is doing. We say then that the intelligence associated with any piece of machinery is external to the machine proper.

In life forms encompassing large collections of living cells, the separation of device material and intelligence is not so clear cut. In apoptosis (programmed cell death), for instance, some researchers describe the phenomenon as an affected cell “making a decision to commit suicide”. This is erroneous thinking. While it is true that some cells perform vastly complicated processes that mankind has just begun to understand only within the last decade, the intelligence and purpose of the process is external to the cell. A cell cannot make decisions, it is not even aware of its own existence; the pathways of energy flow are spelled out in the RNA code, and the intelligence necessary to write that code is external to the cell. In this respect, the cell has no advantage over the atoms comprising the hardware of a computer; the intelligence is supplied by the designer, external to the hardware.

Thus, for 3,500 million years, EIP had been in command of the development on Earth which we know as Bioscience. All life forms, including Homo sapiens, lived and reproduced in complete ignorance of the intelligent design behind this effort. But mankind was destined to inherit the mind of God, to escape from the web of passive existence and to become the only animal capable of thought and reason, the chosen species. We, the designated leaders, should rejoice in this gift of being the custodians of great things in life.

One last thought. The existence of EIP, if acknowledged by both evolutionists and creationists, renders it unnecessary to debate the existence of God. It becomes purely a matter of personal preference whether to use God or EIP as a symbol of supernatural power.

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