Exam Notes: EECS 117B
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

In college I enrolled in an electrical engineering course called Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, taught by John Whinnery and Ted Van Duzer, who also wrote the textbook used in the class.

At final exam time, each student was allowed to bring in one letter-size sheet of notes, containing whatever the student cared to write on both sides. Side 1 of my sheet is shown below. (Click here to see the other side.)

EECS 117B Exam Notes

A note to those of you who are studying for your exam on electromagnetic fields and waves -- The real value of these notes came from the studying and reviewing that you do when you write them, not from actually having the notes available during the exam. To make your own notes, go through the textbook and homework problems and write down the relevant formulas. Work through the example problems and be sure that you understand them. Try a few problems that haven't done before, and get some help if you run into difficulty. If you have enough space, write down some sample problems and how to solve them. The notes should help jog your memory during the exam. You cannot expect to figure out how to use the formulas during the exam.

Downloadable and printable TIFF files (340 K each):

EECS-117A Side 1

EECS-117A Side 2

EECS-117B Side 1

EECS-117B Side 2

These notes are for the 1970s edition of the book, now called Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics. Maxwell's equations are still in effect, but the applications may have changed since I was in college. In the 1970s, the book was heavy on radar wave guides and transmission lines.

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