Drawing of Machine
Drawing of

I made this drawing when I was about 12 years old. The parts of the machine reflect the technology of the era. Note the analog dials, magnetic tape reels, and oscilloscope screens. When I drew the picture, there were no cell phones, CDs, video recording, cable TV, personal computers, or pocket calculators.

Much of this drawing was inspired by what I saw in my favorite museum at the time, the Griffith Observatory planetarium and science hall, located on Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles. It had many fascinating exhibits. I remember in particular the Foucault pendulum, camera obscura, fluorescent mineral exhibit, the sound-triggered oscilloscope, seismograph, and Tesla coil. The Tesla coil is thick coil of wire piled into a huge cone, which emits noisy lighting and causes nearby unconnected fluorescent light bulbs to light up.

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