Newton Elementary School, Torrance, CA
Mr. Day's 7th Grade Home Room, 1968
Newton Elementary
                  School class photo 1968
Left to right, top to bottom: Gary Meyer, Annette Adams, Jim Yates, Laura Turner, Mike Tabor, Karen Renfroe, Kevin Quinn, Debbie Hatcher, Robert Witte, Ken Henius, Cydna Swan, Paul Douglas, Melinda Elliott, Steve Bradley, Laura Wright, Ed Moody, Teresa Larsen, Brent Primeau, John Livingston, Kim Mickaleck, Gary Gundersen, Debi Heglin, Todd Birch, Cynthia Palmer, Dick Natison, Kathy Mickelson, Vernon Williams, Mary Lou Chopelas, Steve McCabe. Miss Hodge, English, Ms. someone, homemaking; Mrs. Spiegel, science; Mrs. Amador, Spanish; Mr. Day, social studies; Mr. Dinnel, PE; Mr. Fine, mathematics; Miss Munson, reading; Mr. Curtis, woodshop. 

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