Science-Compatible Faith --
Are We Worthy of God's Creation?

From Reflections on the Worthiness of Human Creation
by K. T. Chang

The Christian faith demands a believer to accept without question a number of claims which have no relation to proper behavior (isn’t that the purpose of any religious teaching?), these are: the virgin birth, the resurrection, and the ascension. In this age of cloned mammals and GPS locater covering every foot of space in “heaven” (and finding nothing), I think we need to redefine Christian faith as a belief in the infallibility of creational design. By this I mean to recognize God as the most competent Master of Engineering Designer (beyond, and way beyond, the engineering sophistication achieved by mankind). At the same time, God is an artist. This is evident in the beauty of the plants, flowers, bird plumage, and colorful sea life (and far more significantly, the aptitude for art, such as music and painting, by his crown creation, the human beings). Again, I have to repeat that a humanlike God is only for the convenience of an imagined dialogue, it is entirely fictional – the Creator can only be defined by his guidance of the energy pathway, and we must not assume for him a physical presence.

This new faith will no longer contest each bioscience discovery as heresy, but, on the contrary, seek to strengthen the belief in the supernatural power of the designer with each revelation. Stated in another way, this faith negates the Christian concept of father and son, as in a family, but proposes a truer relationship – a great designer and his creations. Thus, God does not need to be worshipped, or feared. He has accomplished a grandest of miracles, creating a mind in his likeness from the waste heat of a star. For our part, we do have an assignment of duty: to understand the limits of this gift of life and to use this gift in a manner worthy of God’s creation.

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