Solar-Powered Buried Treasure Dowsing (Metal Detector Alternative)

Harness the Power of the Solar Wind, Cosmic Rays, and Geomagnetic Field to Find Buried Treasure Hoards

Gold - Silver - Coins - Jewels - Antiques - Cash - Stocks - Bonds - Real Estate

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The HelioTrak treasure dowser is a device that complements your natural auric power to detect the presence of nearby buried treasure hoards. You can use the device when the Sun is out and casting shadows.

Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back*


  1. Find the date in the figure-8 analemma on the top of the solar irradiation cage.

    HelioTrak dowser analemma

  2. Follow either right (AM) or left (PM) to reach the current time. Mark the intersection of the date and time on the solar irradiation cage using a piece of transparent tape and a marker pen.

    date and time marked on tape

  3. Turn the device until the marked spot casts a shadow on the center of the circular direction plate. This orients the solar irradiation cage to the North Star.

    mark casts shadow on plate center

  4. While keeping the direction plate level, take three steps forward, two steps backward, then watch the compass. If buried treasure is nearby, the compass deflects toward it.

    If there is no compass deflection, repeat until you have advanced across the land to be surveyed. Repeat the survey in parallel lines 1 meter apart.

  5. If you see a compass deflection, repeat Step 4 approaching in different directions surrounding the area of interest. Triangulate to find the likely treasure location, then start digging.

    treasure coins

Currently the device is available only to members of the HT Physics Society. However, the Society has agreed to release this device to the general public, effective April 2021.

How the HelioTrak Dowser Works

The HelioTrak treasure dowser captures the power of the solar wind, the streams of charged particles emitted by the Sun that cause the northern auroras. You get the strongest results during periods of high sunspot activity. Advancing through the geomagnetic field generates a perpendicular electric field, which gathers and directs the charged particles.

The size of the compass deflection indicates the value of the treasure. If the compass swings wildly, you could become very wealthy!

The device complements the human aura, intensifying your natural powers using cosmic rays from deep outer space. It works only with the human aura. This means your dog cannot use this device successfully, even if he is very smart. The same is true for your horse. You can, however, ride your horse while using the device. Have him trot three clops forward, two clops backward.

American Society of Dowsers (since 1961)

British Society of Dowsers (since 1933)

How To Get the HelioTrak Treasure Dowser

You can make the HelioTrak Treasure Dowser for free if you have a 3-D printer. Download the parts files in STL format from the HelioTrak Download and Assembly page. Follow the instructions to print and assemble the parts to make a working device. Alternatively, you can purchase a parts kit or a completed device.

You must wait until at least April 1, 2021 before you use the device. Otherwise, you will be cursed and your device will only find worthless junk like tin cans and poop bags. 

* If the magnetic compass fails to deflect, it means there is no buried treasure on your property, guaranteed. If you later find buried treasure by some other means, return the defective device for a refund. If the device says there is buried treasure but you can't find it, you failed to dig deep enough; dig yourself into a deeper hole.

You might be tempted to bury some treasure and see if the device can detect it. However, it only finds hidden, unknown treasure. The device cannot be fooled -- unlike you!

April Fool! The HelioTrak device is a sundial. Amaze, amuse, and mystify your friends with this device!  HelioTrak Download and Assembly

Steps 1 through 3 in the dowsing procedure actually work to orient the device to the North Star. The remaining steps and the pseudo-scientific explanation are mumbo-jumbo nonsense.

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