Time Machine 1970s -- Sheet 135, February 1973
UC Santa Cruz, College V

Who: Kenneth Thimann and Jean Langenheim, Matt Rawdon, Bob Thomas
What: "Plants and Human Affairs" classroom and lab
Where: University of California, Santa Cruz; College V (now Porter College)
When: February 1973
Why: Nostalgia

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Thimann and Langenheim, rice and sugar beet


I took a botany class called "Plants and Human Affairs," taught by Thimann (after whom Thimann Labs was named) and Langenheim. The picture shows the two professors, along with a rice plant and a sugar beet. We learned all about the history of plant usage, including food, fiber, and medicines. Even though I never spoke up in class, Thimann knew who I was. In my student evaluation, he wrote: "Although obviously interested in the material, his exam scores showed that he had some difficulty in mastering it. Attended the lectures regularly, including the field trip."
I guess he noticed me photographing the plants in the classroom and on the field trip.We went to a USDA lab in Salinas, where research was being done on tobacco viruses.

In the third row of the contact prints, you can see my old Zenith radio, which still used vacuum tubes. After it was turned on, it had to "warm up" for a minute before any sound came out. A picture in the fourth row shows the selection of different types of honey offered at Shopper's Corner market in Santa Cruz.

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