Time Machine 1970s -- Sheet 143, March 1973
UC Santa Cruz, College V

Who: Julie Chang, Les Hamako, Gray Chang, 4th floor north dorm B
What: portraits, more piano, night scenes in the quad
Where: University of California, Santa Cruz; College V (now Porter College)
When: March 1973
Why: Thinking about the past

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Quiet hall meeting 1972-1973


My hall-mate Mark Anderson rode in the dryer, rotating 30+ times (no-heat setting).

We had a quiet hall meeting in our hall lounge. I can identify David Lisle, Serge Smirnoff, Gray Chang, Donald Frieburg, Matt Rawdon, Sim Adams, Keith Redenbaugh, and John Ordoñez. Help me remember the rest of the names. 

Time Machine 1970s  2013 Gray Chang
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