Time Machine 1970s -- Sheet 183, October 1973
UC Santa Cruz, College V

Who: Ellen Slavitz, Andy Pannell, Rebecca Davies, Sim Adams, Elizabeth Yates, Tony
What: Haircut, pumpkins, 3-D photos
Where: University of California, Santa Cruz; College V (now Porter College)
When: October 1973
Why: To celebrate Halloween

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To see the 3-D pictures in 3-D:
  1. Click on the contact sheet to enlarge.

  2. Scroll to find the picture of interest.

  3. Stare through the pair of matched pictures so that your left eye looks at the left picture and the right eye looks at the right picture. If you do this correctly, the two pictures move apart and a third picture appears between the two, so you see three pictures side-by-side. The one in the middle appears in 3-D.

Time Machine 1970s  2013 Gray Chang
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