Flowcharting the Jehovah Cycle

As I was writing the book Reflections on the Worthiness of Human Creation, I had intended to include in it several flowcharts which afford a visual description of the creator’s engineering processes and pathways of energy transformation. As the writing took much longer than I had anticipated, I decided to drop this feature for the first edition in order to get the work out before I should pass away (ha! ha!). Now with the book in the hands of a publisher, I feel more relaxed and can begin to look into adding the trimmings to my skeleton notebook.

The problem I encountered with my first attempt to make a flowchart was that I wanted it to be all-inclusive; so the diagrams I sketched became quite complicated with details of various pathways of energy storage, for example. This time, I decided first to make a bare minimum flowchart, limiting myself to the most important essentials of creational design only. Surprisingly I discovered the image of a cross! The original sketch is presented in the following.

 Jehovah Cross diagram

I have named it Jehovah’s Cross.

The Meaning of Images and Miracles

There is a fundamental difference between the Cross of Jesus and the Cross of Jehovah. In fact, they stand opposite at the extremities of the meaning of miracles; one is defined by mythical events of faith, and the other as science-compatible explanation of the pathways of energy transformation. Stated in another way:

  • The Christian cross is a story of the son of God dying for the redemption of mankind by taking our sins upon himself.

  • The Jehovian cross is a manifestation of Divine guidance of energy pathways.

I have been deeply concerned with the survival of Christian faith in this age of leaping breakthroughs in bioscience. In my book I made an attempt to rewrite a version of Genesis to describe the logical stages of engineering preparation for the creation of higher life forms. I also gave a new definition of likeness which is no longer in terms of physiological similarities. For the New Testament I had not been able to offer a sensible alternative account. But with the discovery of Jehovah’s Cross, it is now possible to consider replacing the crucifixion of Jesus on a cross by a flow diagram showing the intersection of energy flow in two directions, with the aid of the two miracles of creation.

This is enough material for an interested reader to ponder over for several days. Next time I’ll address the poetic symmetry of God’s creation.

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