Photography by Gray Chang

In high school and college, I loved photography, especially darkroom work. I was a yearbook photographer during my last two years in high school. I contributed many of the photos in these two volumes:

Olympiad Yearbooks
High school yearbook photography, 1970-1972

For example, I made the photographs in this 2-page spread:

Olympiad 2 pages

The photo of the trees and rocks is a 3-tone "posterization" consisting of black, white, and a single shade of gray. Nowadays you can create such effects easily in Photoshop with a few clicks of the mouse. Back then, however, it was an elaborate process requiring multiple sheets of lithographic film and careful manual alignment between the separate black and gray exposures of the printing paper.

I entered the following photograph into my high school photography contest, but it didn't win any prize. Can you identify what's in the photo?

Man on Walnut

The title is "Man on Walnut." It was amusing to watch people look at the photo and read the title. The man in the photo is my photographer friend Tom Mills. I posed and photographed him especially to superimpose over the close-up picture of the walnut.

4 x 5 film in pinhole camera

More photography: Scale Model Pinhole Camera

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