South High School, Torrance Olympiad Yearbooks (Annuals) 1971 and 1972

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Song queens
Soccer ball
Dress code
Shorts prank

The Olympiad is the yearbook (or "annual") of South High School, Torrance, California. In the early 1970s, the book was produced by a group of students under the able guidance of Kathy Simons, an art teacher at the school.  The yearbook class met during the last period of each day in room G-3, which had an adjacent annex and a large darkroom. The students worked on organizing the book, composing the text, scheduling photography sessions, taking/making the photographs, and pasting up the page layouts. It was a serious endeavor that took a lot of time and skill.

 South High School Olympiad yearbook 1971

Olympiad Staff 1971

Sponsor: Ms. Kathy Simons
Editor: Cheryl Yelich
Section Coordinator: Tony Tramble
  Rena Nelms
  Edie Dees
  Karen Peterson
  Eve Stabolepszy
  Eileen Ishihara
  Nancy Crawford
  Denise Grimes
  Laurie Medill
  Debbie Duthie
  Rosie Lewis
  Barbara Perrone
  Ann Stabolepszy
  Danine Cummings
  Kandi Christensen
  Imo-Jean Ford
  Gray Chang
  Carol Coy
  Bob Diaz
  Richard Dingman
  Tom Mills
Cover design: Vicki Dezutti
South High School Olympiad yearbook 1972

Olympiad Staff 1972

Sponsor: Ms. Kathy Simons
Editor: Imo-Jean Ford
Section Coordinator: Dana Christenson
  Karen Peterson
  Joyce Moser
  Susan Broom
  Denise Grimes
  Debbie Kisiel
  Julie Goldenson
  Jennifer Gibson
  Linda Best
  Barbara Brown
  Kristi Medill
  Sue Schechter
  Shirley Kotsonis
  Dorothy Semko
  Janet Ratkovic
  Tom Mills
  Gray Chang
  Randy Payne

Cover design: Steve Deans
Inside cover design: Karen Patterson

South High Torrance yearbook staff 1971
South High Yearbook Staff 1970-1971

South High Torrance yearbook staff 1972
South High Yearbook Staff 1971-1972

My Role as Photographer

I took about 3,000 photos over the course of two years, but only a few dozen of them made it into the yearbooks. After a delay of 40+ years, I decided to post all 3,000 photos on the Web. Most of them are junk (there was no Delete button back then), but there are also plenty of good ones, some of which were never published. Intermixed with the school photos are my own personal family photos and non-school photos.

The contact prints (small proofs) are rather poor in quality, but occasionally I show an enlargement from my personal photo album made in 1974, or scanned from the actual yearbook. I still have the original negatives, but I need a 35 mm scanner to make use of them. I got rid of my enlarger and darkroom stuff in the 1990s.

September 2014 Update: I bought a new film scanner (a Canon Canoscan 9000F Mark II), and it works great! I'm rediscovering the joy of photography, "enlarging" and "printing" my old negatives on the computer. View some samples here.

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