Garmin StreetPilot III
Use MapSource First to Set Waypoints

Remember that it is much easier to find addresses using the MapSource software on your PC than your StreetPilot III GPS unit. Therefore, use MapSource to define all your expected destinations as waypoints and then download them to your GPS unit. Remember your home, work, school, friends, relatives, doctor, dentist, shopping places, and so on. If you are planning a trip, be sure to pre-enter and download all of the waypoints you might need such as airports, hotels, points of interest, restaurants, and grocery stores. Remeber to also select and download the detailed maps for the areas you are visting.

MapSource has a huge database of business locations, even home businesses, that the GPS unit does not have. For example, do View > Find, enter "Safeway" in the Name field, enter your state abbreviation in the State field, and press Enter. You'll see a list of all the Safeway stores in your state. You must enter the state before MapSource will go looking for your destination.

You must enter the name of the business exactly the way Map Source does. For example, entering "San Francisco Airport" doesn't work. But if you just type "San Francisco I" and click Select, you will see a list from which you can select "San Francisco Int'l-Arrivals". 

Connect your GPS unit with the provided cable and use File > Save to Device to download your waypoints. Also use File > Save to save your set of waypoints into a file for future editing. To download new detailed maps, you need to remove the memory card from the GPS unit and plug it into the USB card reader.

Routing to an Existing Waypoint

If you have pre-set your waypoints, generating a route to waypoint is relatively easy.

Press the Find button. Using the Rocker Keypad, highlight Waypoints. Press the Enter button. The list of  waypoints appears, listed in order "by name" (alphabetical order) or "nearest" (closest waypoints first). To change from one listing method to the other, press the Menu button once, then Enter. If you are listing waypoints by name, press Enter once to get the yellow cursor down into the list.

Use the Rocker Keypad to scroll up or down to the desired waypoint. With the waypoint highlighted, press Enter. The option Route to It should be highlighted; press Enter. The option Faster Time should be highlighted; press Enter.

The GPS unit calculates the route from your current location to the destination and then tells you where to go.

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