Garmin StreetPilot III
GPS Zombie Thinks It's Stuck in Parking Garage

The GPS unit thinks it is stuck back at the parking garage, even though you have driven away, perhaps several miles. No matter what buttons you press, the GPS unit won't work. It says you at the parking garage.


When you turned on the unit in the parking garage, it searched for GPS satellites in the sky and couldn't find any. (This is because the GPS signals from the satellites can't pentrate concrete.) After a few minutes, your Garmin unit asked you, Use Indoors? You were busy trying to find the garage exit, so you did the logical thing and pressed the Enter key.

Bad news! You told the Garmin navigator, in effect, "I am just playing with the navigator indoors. I don't need to navigate anywhere, so don't bother looking for satellites any more, ever."

Prevention: If the Garmin navigator ever asks you "Use Indoors?", DO NOT press the Enter key as your response. Instead, highlight Contine Acquiring, then press Enter.


To get out of the "Use Indoors" mode, press the Menu button, use the Rocker Keypad to highlight Use Outdoors, and press Enter.

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