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  1. Nicholas Cornish 1832-1892, NE's father
        Nicholas Cornish b. 1832

    Huntsman & Game Keeper
    b.c1832 St Davids, Exeter, Devon
    d.4 Apr 1892 Portgate, Northumberland

    It is here with this Nicholas Cornish that the family connection becomes a bit fuzzy, as his true parentage has not been determined.  Records indicate that he was born in Exeter and brought up in the household of Nicholas Cornish and his sister Sarah at Pullerton, in the parish of Newton St Cyres.  In the 1851 census return he is referred to as nephew of Nicholas of Newton St Cyres, and by time the said Nicholas writes his Will in 1857 he has become his son.  There is not the slightest doubt that the elder Nicholas ever married – this is implied in the 1841 census and stated clearly in the 1851 census.  Hence,  Nicholas Junior must have been an illegitimate son or somebody he was happy to declare to be his son for inheritance purposes.  In 1861 Nicholas was living in Bidwell Barton,  Newton St Cyres, where he was a Farmer of 155 acres.  In 1863 he was declared bankrupt – his great granddaughter (Joyce Clandillon) has a desk which was owned by him and which he hid in a shed before the bailiffs came and took everything.  Also saved from the sale was a silver coffee pot which is now in the possession of our family.  Nicholas eventually moved to Lincolnshire and then to Northumberland where the family settled in Portland, a small hamlet near St John Lee.  In 1871 and 1881 the family lived at Fences and in 1901 at Stanley Cottages, where Nicholas is now described as a Game Keeper, rather than Huntsman. -- Barbara Tunley

    I saw that Sue Taylor and the Tunley's have been searching and posting about our Great-great-grandfather Nicholas Cornish (b:1833) since at least 2000. Many interesting details,  (like he was a ship owner, and that he went bankrupt because his partner ran off with the money) that I hadn't heard of before were included in various postings. -- Al Fei

    From Wills and Probate: CORNISH Nicholas of Stanley Cottages Portgate Northumberland died 4 April 1892. Probate Newcastle-Upon Tyne 6 July to Joseph Cornish and William Walter Cornish bank clerk Effects £1180

  2. Anne Frost 1837-1914, NE's mother
    bp. 12 Mar 1837 Topsham d. 1914 Hexham, Northumberland  m.13 Aug 1857 Christ Church, Exeter, Nicholas CORNISH, 1832-1892

  1. Nicholas Edward (N. E.) Cornish 1858-1947, civil engineer, England and China

    bp.24 Oct 1857 Newton St.Cyres  d. 19 Feb 1949 Tenbury (Will); at one time worked at Woolwich Kent and Shanghai, China Arsenals  m. 1878 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, (1) Annie NICHOLSON, d. 13 Apr 1924 Newcastle (Will)  m. 1924 Paddington (2) Florence MARSHALL -- Barbara Tunley

    NE lived with Edward's family from about 1943 until he died in 1949. This was in Tenbury Wells. Edward's father was NE's nephew. NE's daughter also lived in Tenbury then and hopefully they saw each other regularly. I am coming to the conclusion that although NE and Annie Nicholson didn't divorce I think they may have separated as they were obviously apart for long periods of time. NE also married Florrie the same year that Annie died and I have several letters from 1914-16 adressed to NE when he was living in London and not in Northumberland with his family. I may be jumping to all the wrong conclusions!! -- Janet Greenwell

  2. Joseph Cornish 1859-1948

  3. Walter Cornish 1861-1925

  4. Annie Cornish 1863-?

  5. Mary Eliza Cornish 1865-1952

  6. John Henry Cornish 1868-1941

  7. Laura Cornish 1870-1931

  8. Bessie Eliza Cornish 1874-1875

  9. Lucy Cornish 1876-?

  10. Nellie Cornish 1879-?
    Cornish sisters   Cornish sisters

  11. Annie Elizabeth Bell Nicholson Cornish, 1850-1924
    From Wills and Probate: CORNISH Annie of 3 Crown Street Newcastle-Upon -Tyne (Wife of Nicholas Edward Cornish) died 13 April 1924. Probate Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 12 June to George Thomas Nicholson draughtsman  and Annie Cornish spinster. Effects £2577 14s 5d.

    [She left everything to her son from her first marriage and her daughter with N. E. Cornish, nothing to N. E. himself]

    Born Annie Elizabeth Bell in 1850, she married a George Nicholson in 1867, and had a son, George Thomas Nicholson, in 1869. In 1878, she married Nicholas Edward Cornish (when he was 21 and she was 28, and her son George was 9). She had a daughter, Annie Cornish, in 1880.

  12. LingLing Tai

  13. unknown name, perhaps the grandmother mentioned in book by Chi-Yun Fei Eskelund

  14. Annie Cornish 1880-?, daughter of N. E. Cornish and Annie Elizabeth Bell Nicholson Cornish; second wife of Wilson Faithfull
    Annie Cornish
    Annie Cornish was the daughter of NE Cornish and Annie Nicholson, born before NE left for China. Annie's aunt Laura Cornish (NE's younger sister) married Wilson Faithfull in 1899, when Laura was 29. Laura died in 1931 at the age of 61. In 1934, Wilson married Annie, his late wife's niece, age 54.

    From Simon Faithfull: "I remember Annie well, and I certainly remember have once had pictures of her - I also have an 8 mm cine film somewhere, in which she was sitting with me in 1965 in my MGA!  Maybe I will come across that one day, but I have no idea where it is!  I remember how amazed I was to see a marked resemblance between her and Elizabeth Cornish Fei, when I saw her photo ." (photo above courtesy of Simon)

  15. Elizabeth Tse-Vong Cornish 康彩鳳  康彩蓉 1890-1986 Charity organizer, Peking; retired, California/China photos
    Feis 1927
    Elizabeth Cornish Fei
    Grandma was born on March 18, 1890 in Shanghai, China to Mr. N. E. Cornish and his Chinese wife. Elizabeth's mother died very young and Elizabeth was raised by Chinese relatives, the Hsu (Suvoong) family. She only met her father once.

    Elizabeth went to Oberlin University, Chicago, Illinois in 1907, possibly paid for by her father. She remembered seeing Portsmouth Square in San Francisco's Chinatown. At Oberlin she met her husband Jack Fei and they were married in Chicago. Elizabeth majored in kindergarten normal. I remember she sang the kindergarten songs she had learned in preparation to be a teacher, but she never taught in a school.

    She and her husband moved back to China and settled in Beijing. They had 7 children and lived near Deng Shr Kou (Lantern Cross Corner) in old Beijing. Elizabeth raised 7 children with the help of servants and had all her daughters take piano lessons and the older children enrolled in Peking American School. The older children grew up speaking fluent American English. Elizabeth's husband died in 1946.

    She remained in China until l961, when she moved to live with her daughter Rose and son-in-law Kou Tsun Chang in Redondo Beach, California. When I met Grandma (we called her Lao Lao), we were the exact same height. Grandma taught my younger brother Gray how to read and once polished his tennis shoes with white shoe polish. She had a pet chihuahua and loved to sew clothing, especially Chinese jackets and blouses with "frog" buttons made out of fabric.  She taught me how to sew. I remember threading needles for her. Grandma loved to sign hymns and go to church.

    The most famous story about her is when she walked all the way to the Redondo Beach pier, about three miles away, was too tired to walk back, and "hitched" a ride back with a young American man by waving her arms and asking for a ride. She wanted to thank him, so she invited him in for a hot dog, that being the most likely food he would appreciate. I remember she referred to hot dogs and hamburgers as foreign food.

    In her later years Grandma lived with her oldest son Albert in Pacific Grove, California. She also lived in the Pilgrim Haven home in Los Altos, California and with her daughter Ellen at the Binkley's ranch in Saratoga, California. She spent her last few years in Beijing in the care of her Fei relative Uncle Oberlin.

    Grandma was a sweet one, snipping roses from neighbor's bushes to plant as her own. I remember her frying chicken for us, yum! She taught us about being kind to others and doing the right thing. She always saved her desserts for us. What a grandma! I miss her braids up on her head and her teeny tiny feet. -- Julie Chang

  16. John Smith, son of N. E. Cornish and a Chinese mother

  17. Hsing-Jen (Jack) Fei          1886-1946 Businessman, Peking
    Jack Fei

  18. Frances, Chinese wife of John Smith

  19. Grace Smith

  20. Joe Smith, died July 4, 2010
    Joe Smith

  21. Winnie Smith

  22. Albert Fei 費景云 1915-1978, Chinese language teacher, Monterey, California 

                children 1928
    The Fei children, c. 1929, clockwise from left: Ellen, Edward, Albert, Mary, Rose, John, and Bessie

  23. Ellen Fei 費皎云 1916-2012, Nurse, China; retired, California
    Ellen Fei

  24. Edward (Eddie, Ed) Fei 費景天 1919-1976, U. S. diplomat

    I attended the Peking American School and knew Eddie Fei well. He was  a year ahead of me in school. I also knew Mary Fei, a lovely, gentle and quiet girl. Eddie had some connection with the manufacture of fireworks in Peking, and it was he who furnished the rest of us with fire works at times. I recall a particularly villainous package of crackers that we attached to the rear axle of the Chevy convertable driven by Mr. Hewitt, a teacher who had come out from the States. They went off like a machine gun and poor Mr. Hewitt thought he was being fired upon by Chinese revolutionaries, who were everywhere in those years. I'm afraid we were very bad boys, and may have led Eddie astray. -- Kim Krenz

    What a little treasure that story is!  I'd heard my father's nickname was 'the black sheep of Dun Sher Ko' for his mischievous exploits, and this confirms it.  -- Rosemary Fei

    Summer 1967: Edward Fei, Karl Eskelund, Mary Kurth (Julie's friend), Bessie Fei Lin, Julie Chang, Anne Chang Fei, Mary Fei Eskelund, Rosemary Fei, Rose Fei Chang, Mei-Mei Eskelund, Gray Chang, Kjeld Thue Tobiasen (Mei-Mei's husband), K. T. Chang, Ivy Lin

  25. Mary Chi-Yun Fei 費綺云 1918-2000, Author and TV personality in Denmark

    From her Danish obituary (translated by Google): The author Mary Chi-Yun Eskelund Nyvig, Værløse, is dead. She was 82 years. Under the name Chi-Yun Eskelund she became known to the public when her husband, travel journalist Karl Eskelund published the book "My wife eats with sticks." She was born in Beijing, and the couple were married in 1939 at the Danish consulate in Shanghai. After the war they took residence in Denmark, but travel around the world continued. In the late 1960s was the couple divorced, and Chi-Yun Eskelund began writing, first cookbooks and later memoirs about his childhood in Beijing and a book about the relationship with Karl Eskelund, 'My Casanova'. In addition, she was assigned to the University of Copenhagen as a language teacher. Chi-Yun Eskelund was later married again with the late urban planner Anders Nyvig. Chi-Yun Eskelund was a member of the culinary academy.

  26. Rose Mei-Yun Fei 費美云 1921-2016, retired school nurse, t-shirt artist, California

    Fei sisters
    The four Fei sisters, from left to right: Rose, Ellen, Mary, and Bessie, 1980s

  27. John Fei 費景漢 1923-1996, economist, Yale professor

  28. Elizabeth (Bessie) Fei 費裁云 1920s-, U. S. Counsulate worker, Hong Kong; retired, California

  29. Sophia (Sophie) ShanTze He 賀善慈

  30. Theodore (Teddy) Fei 費大成

  31. Eddie John (E. J.) Fei 費爾成

  32. Edward (Eddie) Lei 雷愛德

  33. Johnny Lei 雷韶笙

  34. James (Jimmy) Lei 雷韶文

  35. Judy Lei 雷韶英

  36. Jean Lei 雷韶蓉

  37. Anne Chang 張秀愛

  38. Ed (Eddie Jr.) Fei 費大川

  39. Jean (Jeanie) Fei

  40. Rosemary Fei, lawyer, Adler & Colvin, San Francisco
    Rosemary Fei

  41. Karl Eskelund 1918-1972, Danish journalist and author, see Wikipedia article

  42. Mei-Mei Eskelund 1941-1973

  43. Kuo Tsun (K. T.) Chang 張囯駿 1920s-, retired aerospace engineer, book author, California

  44. Timothy (Tim) Chang 張振人
    Tim Chang

  45. Juliann (Julie) Chang 張振玫
    Julie Chang

  46. Gray Chang 張振民 1950s-, Technical Writer, 1980s computer game designer, California

  47. Katherine T. Sheng 盛冬嘉 1921-1997, California

  48. Jack Charles Fei  1949-, Microsoft Windows Systems Engineer, Twin Cities, Minnesota
    Linked-In Profile:

  49. Albert (Al) Fei

  50. Calvin (Cal) Fei

  51. Baoling Lin 林葆齡

  52. Ivy Lin 林曉寒

  53. Victor Lin

  54. Leo Lin

  55. Ruth Qin 秦玉池

  56. Edward Lei 雷紅楓

  57. Esther Chen 陳珊珊

  58. Edith Lei

  59. Zhenyu Hou 侯振宇

  60. Renee Hou 侯金棠 1970s-, psychologist, California  web page

  61. Phil Young 楊志華

  62. Yvette Young

  63. Gretchen Sandels

  64. Evonne Fei 費天愛

  65. Lloyd Woodcock

  66. Milo Woodcock

  67. Gary Harrington

  68. Cooper Harrington

  69. Mallory Harrington

  70. Portia Choi

  71. Conrad Chang 張興阜

  72. Martin Chang 張興朝

  73. Robert (Bob) L. Sommers

  74. Brian Sommers 夏興陸

  75. Roseanna Sommers 夏碧梅

  76. Ana Chou

  77. Tamara Chang 張興洲

  78. Olivia Chang 張興宇

  79. Linda

  80. Elizabeth Fei

  81. Barbara Tapalow

  82. Jordan Fei

  83. Lee Tai

  84. Trevin Fei

  85. Carissa Fei

  86. Sue Fen

  87. Steven Lin

  88. Michael Lin

  89. Karen

  90. Laura Lin 林瑋珊

  91. Corey Woodcock

    A family tree update from Jean (#41), February 2014:

    I've been looking at the impressive family tree you have assembled. There are quite a few new comments since I last visited.  It's so nice to have; my own computer crashed and I lost photos and an article about Grandma's wedding in their Church Bulletin and other mementos.

    I would love to add in Corey Woodcock's (#93) partner, Emily Enslow, and their two children, Carson Christopher Woodcock, and Parker Owen Woodcock, my grandchildren. 

    Also, I'm nudging Evonne (#66), because she just had a new little girl in December, Mila.

    Cousin Jean

  92. Esther Chen

  93. David Fei

  94. Joseph Fei

  95. Jeffrey King 1970s-, family practice physician, California   web page

  96. Kate King

  97. Amy Hoare
    second wife of John Smith

  98. Ray Bougery, Frenchman
    Grace Smith and Ray Bourgery Grace Smith and Ray Bourgery
    Grace Smith and Ray Bourgery family tree Family Tree

  99. Ellen Mary Feng Smith

  100. Alan Milne

  101. Madelaine Milne
  102. Janine Milne
  103. Hugh Milne

  104. Nicole Smith Bond
  105. Russel Bond
  106. Douglas "Johnny" Milne
  107. Robyn Milne Gumley
  108. Alistair Gumley
  109. Neil Gumley
  110. Kassandre Murby
  111. Lachlan Gumley
Smith family tree details from Nicole Bond:

Nikki Bond- actually should be Nicole (nee Smith) Bond (106) married to Russell Bond (107)(Australian).

We have 2 children;  a daughter Justine Bond (now  Justine  Penno  married to Angus Penno) and  a son  Mark Bond. We all live in Perth, Western Australia.

99= Amy Hoare. My father(22) ( now deceased- 4.07.7010), Joseph (known as Joe) Phillip Smith married to Ellen Mary (nee Feng) Smith(101) also in Perth, Western Australia

My cousin; Robyn109 (female)(nee Milne) Gumley married Alistair Gumley110 ( of Edinburgh, Scotland) and are separated. They have one son; Neil Gumley 111now partnered (engaged) to Kassandre Murby112. They have one son, Lachlan Gumley113. They all live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Robyn's brother; John- actually Douglas Milne 108 ( Johnny is the name family use- his middle name)- not married. Lives in Melbourne also

Their father is Alan Milne 102 ( Australian , marine engineer) now remarried.

103 ( female) Madelaine
104 (female) Janine
(male) Hugh

--  Nikki (Nicole ) Bond

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