Time Machine 1970s -- Sheet 25, January 1971
South High School, Torrance

Who: Boys' State soccer guy, Roger Marumoto, Craig Pridmore
What: School spirit stuff
Where: South High School, 4801 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, CA
When: January 1971
Why: It was my job

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trumpeters Craig Pridmore

Boys' State soccer star

Soccer Ball

The Boys' State soccer guy suffered a painful injury just as I was taking pictures. I can't remember exactly what happened, but maybe he got distracted and the ball hit him right in a sensitive area. What you see in his face is not the thrill of victory, but the agony of defeat (and grimace about degroin). Can somebody tell me his name?

Denise Deppe Alice Walpole

I think the yearbook editorial staff missed using the best picture in the roll -- the one of Denise Deppe and Alice Walpole sharing a big laugh. They're having a great time.

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Best of South High photos: 1970-1971
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