Time Machine 1970s -- Sheet 49, February 1971
South High School, Torrance

Who: Victor Lin, Jim Elliot, Steve Halpern, Kurt Ankerberg, Danine Cummings, soccer team
What: School dance, streaking car lights, team portraits, prank
Where: South High School, 4801 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, CA
When: February 1971
Why: It was humorous then

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Names from the yearbook: Pete Adamson, Mark Fehlman, Jim Allen, Allan Garner, Kurt Ankerberg, Tim Jicha, Andrew Casey, Matt Klasila, Wyatt Casey, Brian McLaughlin, Steve Donnell, Carlos Ortigoza, John Ehman, Fred Parker, Kenton Parker, Doug Sakaki, Mike Shuler, Russ Tercero, Ken Wright, Coach Bryant, Manager Scott Freeman; not pictured: Gary Chan and Jim Stiles. From the pictures, it look like they had 20 nice jackets, but they actually had only two between them all. They had to keep changing the jackets quickly for the photo sequence.

soccer team with shirts, ties, shorts Shorts Prank

Is there something incongruous about a bunch of guys wearing shirts, ties, and athletic shorts? I thought so, and I thought the picture of them dressed like that was funny, but it didn't make it into the yearbook.

Kurt was my lab partner in chemistry and was on the soccer team. For some reason (lost? stolen? tangled?), he was not wearing his jock strap underneath his shorts that day. And for some other reason (malice? mirth?), word of this got around to some pranksters on the team. So these guys waited until Danine, who was organizing the photo session, came around. They snuck up behind poor old Kurt, and quick as a wink, pulled his shorts down to his ankles!

Danine whirled around to face away from them, and Kurt quickly pulled up his shorts. I didn't catch the prank itself, but I took a picture of Danine a few seconds later. That photo nearly made it into the yearbook. The next shot on the roll shows Kurt stifling an embarrassed laugh.

Disclaimer for young people: Do not try a prank like this at your school. It is uncool and you can get into a lot of trouble nowadays!

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