Time Machine 1970s -- Sheet 39, February 1971
South High School, Torrance

Who: Yearbook staff, chess club, Liz Brenner, Mike Bailey, David Spies, Paul Goodson, Nancy Crawford
What: Goofing off, playing chess
Where: South High School, 4801 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, CA
When: February 1971
Why: Just for fun

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There's a picture of an Adohr brand milk bottle. These were quart bottles of milk brought by the milkman, left on the doorstep early in the morning. He would take the empty bottles away at the same time, to be reused. I think maybe I took the picture because it was the last delivery we would receive. It was the end of an era.

Nancy panoramic pinhole camera

Pinhole Camera

I used a homemade pinhole camera to take the panoramic picture of Nancy on the lawn outside of room G-3. See the basketball backstops and volleyball nets? The camera was just a small cardboard box. On the front of the box, I punched a hole and covered it with aluminum foil, and made a tiny pinprick with a sewing needle. In the back of the box, I placed a 6-inch strip of 35 mm camera film, curled into a semicircle along three sides, with the light-sensitive side facing the pinhole. The shutter was a piece of black paper. I set the camera on top of some books and uncovered the pinhole for 3 seconds. I developed the film and made the contact print in the usual manner.

The School Dress Code

1970-1971 was the first year that girls were allowed to wear pants to school. Before then, pants were considered to not lady-like enough for a school setting. On the other hand, skirts couldn't be too short, and were limited to no more than a certain number inches above the knee. I suppose shorter skirts were considered a little too lady-like, or too distracting. But school spirit uniforms (cheerleader, flag twirler, etc.) were exempt from the length rule. It made no sense at all. In 1970, they finally junked the old rules and only said that clothing had to be "appropriate."

In prior years, there was a popular event called Capri Day, sponsored by Girls' League, in which girls were given the opportunity to pay 50 cents for the privilege of wearing pants to school for the day. Back then, 50 cents was quite a lot of money. You could buy five candy bars at the grocery checkout.

There was also something called Skirt Day, sponsored by Boys' League, in which boys were invited to pay 50 cents for the opportunity to wear a skirt or dress for the day. For some reason, that idea never caught on.

Note to young people, who can read this small type: The part about Skirt Day is just a joke, I made it up. But the rest is absolutely true. No kidding! If you don't believe it, ask your mom/dad/grandparent.

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