Time Machine 1970s -- Sheet 53, March 1971
South High School, Torrance

Who: South High student council members, Mr. Peterson
What: Holding a meeting
Where: South High School, 4801 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, CA
When: March 1971
Why: To plan student activities and carry out important business

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Student council looking at contact prints  Student council 2


I scanned these enlargements from the yearbook.

I was asked to go to a student council meeting and photograph the students in action. So what were these girls studying so carefully at the meeting? They were looking at my contact prints -- exactly what you're doing right now!

Richard Dingman sweeping water

Richard Dingman is in my laundry room sweeping water down the dryer exhaust hole in the floor. We were washing photo prints in the sink, the the drainage tube got blocked, causing the sink to overflow and flood the room.

Time Machine 1970s  2013 Gray Chang
Best of South High photos: 1970-1971
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