Time Machine 1970s -- Sheet 116, October 1972
UC Santa Cruz, College V

Who: Nobody in particular
What: San Lorenzo River
Where: Santa Cruz, California
When: October 1972
Why: Photography 1 assignment

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San Lorenzo River at Cowell Beach  Train Trestle at Boardwalk and Cowell Beach


For our Photography 1 class, we each needed to make a documentary series. I chose "The San Lorenzo River" as my topic. I photographed the river, both in town and upstream in Henry Cowell State Park. The contact prints came out too dark, but the enlargements came out well.

I lent some of my nicely mounted photos to my sister, so she could decorate the university office where she worked. One weekend, somebody broke in and stole two $1000 IBM Selectric typewriters and my mounted photos on the walls. On the one hand, I was glad that someone admired my artwork enough to commit a crime about it (although the $1000 typewriters may have been the main motive). On the other hand, I didn't like losing my work to thieves.