Time Machine 1970s -- Sheet 211, May/June 1974
UC Santa Cruz, College V

Who: Channing Ahn, Matt Rawdon, Linda Hannon, Kim Harris
What: Hanging out behind College V
Where: University of California, Santa Cruz; College V
When: May/June 1974

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Instamatic Kresgeites
Instamatic Kresgeites

I like the portrait of Kresge students Kim & Linda, as much for the title as the picture itself. I was out for a walk in the meadow behind College V when they asked me to take a picture of them using their Instamatic (Kodak instant-load) camera. I asked if I could take a picture with my camera as well. They were strangers to me at the time, but I learned their names on this occasion, or maybe it was the next time I saw them (sheet 229).

Waiting for Governor Reagan

There was a rumor that Governor Ronald Reagan would be arriving for an event at the College V dining hall. You can see the students lined up, waiting for him to arrive so they could catch a glimpse and maybe shout some catcalls. Somebody important showed up, but it wasn't Reagan.

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