HelioTrak Sundial Parts & Accessories

This is the page for ordering HelioTrak sundial 3D-printed parts, accessories, and ready-to-use sundials. I keep a low inventory, so I may be out of stock when you order. In that case, you can either wait for more inventory or I'll issue a refund.

This is a low-volume, low-profit business. I don't have a fancy e-commerce web site. I'm just one person hand-building sundials and filling orders myself to encourage science education. If you want parts in larger quantities, you can save money by buying them elsewhere.

These are homemade 3D-printed products. Expect minor defects like bumpy surfaces. The sticker sheet is not scored or perforated -- you must cut the shapes manually with scissors. The compass could be off by a few degrees, but you can calibrate it as described in the HelioTrak download & assembly page.

Item #1: Sundial accessory parts only (no 3D-printed parts), $10. This kit includes the compass, bubble level, nylon hex nut, and stick-on analemmas and hour numbers. Use this kit if you 3D-print your own main parts.

HelioTrak accessory parts only

Item #2: Set of 3D-printed parts and accessories, $25. Everything you need to assemble a sundial except for epoxy glue. Assembly instructions are on the HelioTrak download & assembly page. Part colors may differ somewhat from those shown in the photo.

HelioTrak all parts unassembled

Item #3: Fully assembled sundial, $45. Same as Item #2 but ready to use, all glued and stickered, plus a sheet of spare stickers. Part colors may differ somewhat from those shown in the photo.

Finished complete HelioTrak sundial

Item #4: Optional removable handle extender, which allows tripod mounting with full swing of the solar tracking cage. $5 if purchased with other items or $8 alone.

optional HelioTrak handle extender

To order, go to PayPal.com and send the appropriate dollar amount to Gray Chang at this email address:

NiftyKits email

Be sure to tell me in the "add a note" section:
I'll acknowledge your payment and send out the items within 5 business days. The price includes delivery by mail and taxes where applicable. Sorry, no foreign orders -- I don't know how to do the mailing. If you have any questions, email me at the same address.

If you haven't used PayPal before, you'll need to create an account, which takes a few minutes. The payment comes from your credit card or bank account.

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