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How to Get and Use Web Server Space From a Free Hosting Service

To make your web pages available on the Internet, you need to publish them, which means to copy them to a directory located on a web server. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might include some web space as part of your Internet subscription fee; check with them to find out. If not, you can rent web space by the month from a web hosting service, or get web space for free from several companies that offer it.

Free vs. Paid Hosting -- Consider the advantages of paid hosting. With paid service, you get more reliable operation and better customer service. Free hosting is more prone to outages, and if something goes wrong, you're out of luck. For hobby or personal interest purposes, free hosting is fine. However, if you rely on your web pages to conduct a business, then it's worth getting a paid account to ensure continuous service.

Based on reviews at WebHostingReviews and and similar review web sites, two good choices for paid hosting are AwardSpace and InMotion, starting at $3 per month. Another good choice is AtSpace, which charges about $2 per month for a basic account. Rates typically go up after the first year, so check the fine print for the exact terms. You can check uptime statistics for various hosts at Web Hosting Stuff.

For free web hosting, these are the features to look for:
  • No forced advertising on your web pages
  • Generous disk space allowance
  • Generous bandwidth allowance (amount of data that can be viewed each month from your website)
  • Generous limits on file sizes and file types allowed in your web space
  • No restrictions on your web page content
You can read reviews of free web hosting services at the Free Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings web site. One highly rated service is AwardSpace. Step-by-step instructions for creating your own free web space at AwardSpace are provided below. The general procedure is similar for other web hosting companies.

Open a Free Web Space Hosting Account at AwardSpace

Go to

Look for the free web hosting option and click the "Click Here to Get It" button.

In the Choose Product/Service page, skip any for-pay options that you don't need, such as registering a new domain name. Click Continue.

In the Account Information page, enter the requested information. Read the Terms of Service, click the "Yes, I agree" check box, and click Continue.

AwardSpace will send you a registration email. Open the email message and click the link to complete your registration and log into your account.

After you complete the registration, you'll receive another email. Print out a copy for future reference. You'll need that information to manage your account and transfer files to your web space.

AwardSpace Free Web Hosting

Create a Free Subdomain at AwardSpace

If you aren't already logged in, log in to your AwardSpace account. Click Website Manager, then Subdomain Manager.

In the Subdomain Manager web page, enter the subdomain name you would like to use for your website.

Using the drop-down menu on the right, select from one of the available domain names provided by AwardSpace.

In this example, your subdomain name is your-subdomain-name and the domain name is, so your website will be accessible at the web address

Click the Add Subdomain button. Your web space is ready to use!

Now you need to copy your web page files from your local computer to the space on the web server.

Upload Files to Your Web Space at AwardSpace

In the menu bar at the top of the AwardSpace page, click Website Manager. Then click the File Manager icon.

Click the File Manager (Light) icon.

In the File Manager page, click the name of your subdomain.

In the File Upload field, click the Browse button and navigate to the directory on your local computer containing your web page files. Select the file you want to upload. Click the Upload button to upload the file.

You have just published the file, so now anyone can access it on the Internet! Open a new web browser and see if you can view the file at

To upload a large number of files or whole directories all at once instead of one at a time, try using the Advanced File Manager tool, or use FileZilla as explained in the next web page. You'll need the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) information provided in your new-account email message.

Be sure to edit and maintain your files on your local computer, and then copy them to your web space to publish them. For the safety of your data, do not use your web space to keep the master copy of your web files! Use your local computer to keep the master. You can consider the copy in your web space to be a backup, in case your local computer breaks or gets stolen.

Registering Your Own Domain

If you want to have a domain name that is entirely your own (for example,, you'll need to register that name with a domain name service. You can use your own personal name, your company name, the name of your field of interest, or a nonsense name of your choosing, as long as it's not already taken. Although getting your own domain name is not free, it doesn't cost very much -- about $1 per month.

You can register your domain name with the same company that hosts your web space, such as AwardSpace, or you can shop around and choose a different company. Once registered, you can direct your domain name to another web server, even if hosted by a different company, by setting the Domain Name System (DNS) servers associated with the domain name.

One good choice is 1&1 Web Hosting because of their low cost ($10 per year) and free private domain registration, which means that your name, address, email, and phone number are hidden from the public. Many domain registration companies charge an extra $10 per year for this privacy option.

AwardSpace and AtSpace Banned Words

AwardSpace and AtSpace are good free web hosting companies, but they have a list of banned words that cannot be used in any web pages hosted in a free account. Their reason for this is to prevent spammers from using free accounts to trick viewers of their hosted web pages.

The way that you find out a banned word has been used is that when you try to view your web page, you get an error page instead, showing a generic error message. So after you upload your web pages, be sure to try viewing each page in a web browser. If you get an error page, go to the customer support page and log a "trouble ticket,'' and give them the URL (web address) of the problem page. They will respond with a message similar to the following:

Due to the heavy abuses conducted on our FREE hosting we have enabled automatic content filtering for all FREE accounts. Your page contains these forbidden words: [list of words here] and thus out automatic is making the redirect and is blocking your website. Please make sure you remove them to fix the error or upgrade your account [to a paid account] to have this functionality disabled. Please note that for security reasons we cannot disclose the full list of forbidden words.

I found that "" is a banned word (although "Amazon" by itself is allowed). This means you can't have any direct links to If you run into this problem, you need to remove the banned word, upgrade to a paid account, or find another free web host, preferably without forced advertising. Reviews of several providers are available at IronSpider Web Design Stuff.

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