Transferring Files to Your Web Space (FTP)

FileZilla, a Free and Easy-to-Use FTP Tool

You should create, edit, and test your web page files on your local computer. When you're ready to publish your web pages, you'll need to copy the files from your local computer to your web space using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a standard method of moving files over a computer network.

FileZilla is a free, easy-to-use FTP tool that you can download and run on your PC or Mac computer. To download the tool, go to the FileZilla Project page. Find your computer platform (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X) and click the download link.

After the download is finished, open the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the program.

The FileZilla Window

After installation, start the FileZilla program. You should see a window similar to this:

Initial FileZilla window

The left half of the window has a directory browser and a list of files contained in a folder in your local computer. The right side has the same thing for a remote computer. Before you can transfer files to your web space, you need to make a connection to your web space directory. After you make a connection, you can simply "drag and drop" the files you want to copy from your local computer on the left side to your web space on the right side.

How to Connect to Your Web Space

To make a connection to your web space, you need to fill in the boxes labeled Host, Username, and Password. This information is available in the new-account email sent to you by your web hosting company. Look for the "FTP Account Information" or similarly named section of the email.

If AwardSpace is your host and you have a free account, the host name is something like If you have your own registered domain name, then the host name is simply your domain name, such as Other web hosts often use as the host name. If you're not sure of the host name, log into your hosting account and find what you need in the FTP manager information page.

After you fill in the boxes labeled Host, Username, and Password, click the Quickconnect button. Then check the message box to see if the connection is successful.

Host Username Password Quickconnect

After you have connected successfully, you can save your connection information so that it's faster and easier to connect next time; choose File > Copy Current Connection to Site Manager. In the Site Manager dialog box, enter a name for your connection, then click OK. The next time you want to connect, choose File > Site Manager, select your connection name, and click the Connect button to connect.

If you don't take action for a period of time, the host automatically disconnects from you. If that happens, reconnect when you're ready to take the next action.

How to Transfer Files

After you have connected successfully, your local computer folders and files are displayed on the left, and your web space directories and files are displayed on the right. Use the directory tree and/or file browser on the left side to find the folder on your local computer containing the files you want to copy. Do the same thing on the right side to find the web space folder where you want the files to reside.

Drag file to copy
Select the file on left side, drag and drop it on the right side

To copy one or more files or folders from your local computer to your web space, select them on the left side and drag them to the right side. Check the message area for successful completion.

You can save the current folder selections so that you can copy files more quickly next time; choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmark. The next time you start up FileZilla, you can use Bookmarks > Bookmark-Name to go directly to the same local and remote folders.

FileZilla help is available by choosing Help > Getting Help or by going to directly to the FileZilla Wiki Documentation website, which includes a FileZilla Client Tutorial.

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