Alternatives to Creating Web Pages "From Scratch"

Do You Really Need Your Own Custom-Built Website?

Before you spend the time and effort to create a custom website, first consider whether that's what you really need. There are several other ways to have a presence on the Internet, some of them faster and easier to set up than a custom website.
  • Do you what to periodically share your opinions, make announcements, or describe events related to a particular subject? Then maybe what you need is a blog, or web log, which you update with new information whenever you want. Google's Blogger service offers free blogging with a choice of templates to customize the look of your blog page.

  • Do you want to share information with a specific group of people? Then maybe you should start a discussion group or Internet forum. Members join the group to make announcements and have discussions about the topic of interest. Google Groups offers free hosting of discussion groups.

  • Do you want to share information with the general public, and attract as many readers as possible? For example, do you want to advertise your business, publicize your charitable organization, or share information about a subject that is of special interest to you? Then maybe a website on the World Wide Web is what you need.
If you decide on a custom website, can you use a free website builder such as Weebly or Jimdo? These services let you build, post, and maintain your own website with a minimum of effort. You choose a template for the desired "look and feel" of the website, then supply the pictures and content for the site. You can read a review of these types of service providers at and Free Website Builders. Note that some kind of advertising is likely to appear on your website to support the service.

For the greatest flexibility and control over the appearance and functioning of your website, you should custom-build your website "from scratch." If you like an existing website, you can copy it, substitute your own content, and modify the look and feel of the site for your own purposes. To do these things, you need to learn how to edit and format web pages. That's the subject of the next page, Editing Web Pages.

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